Using the innovative Sampling Phased Array principle, you can increase the speed of your inspection procedure while simultaneously improving the quality of the test results.


In 2004, a new inspection technology Sampling Phased Array was developed at Fraunhofer IZfP that expands conventional phased array technology in terms of system and testing technology. I-Deal Technologies researchers were the co-developers of this innovative technology, demonstrating their technological leadership.


Based on the information received, the ultrasonic signals can be calculated for any angle of incidence and focus depth, or full sector images, using special reconstruction algorithms. The Sampling Phased Array technology is thus absolutely equivalent in physical terms to the conventional technique of sound field control, but also offers significant additional benefits. These include substantial acceleration of the testing process; improved flaw detectability by using synthetic focus in every point of the test volume, even in anisotropic materials; and a measurable quality of the ultrasound testing results by using two- and three-dimensional imaging. A further advantage of the Sampling Phased Array platform is its modularity, i.e. because of the universal measurement principle and the modular hardware and software design it is possible to implement all proven techniques (such as conventional tests with single element transducers or conventional phased array technology).


The sampling principle now offers the ability to perform quantitative, nondestructive ultrasonic testing for classical test applications such as casting, rolling, and forging components. Tests on acoustically anisotropic weld joints, as well as lightweight materials such as the fiber composites used in, may also now be performed with simple and inexpensive hardware and software.