UT machine for complex shape parts

3D ultrasonic tomography for complex metalic and CFRP parts

Modern signal processing and image reconstruction techniques for phased array generated data such as Total Focusing Method (TFM) allow tomographic representation of the inspection volume and accurate flaw evaluation. Although, the geometric complexity of products made of metal (e.g. casting) or CFRP significantly complicates tomographic imaging approach and requires advanced technological solutions in inspection systems as well as the image processing methodology.

ROBOSCAN represents an inspection solution that combines automated data acquisition by a robotic inspection manipulator with real-time tomographic reconstruction of inspection volume by adaptive TFM along with a novel 3D image analysis technology for complex-shape parts.

ROBOSCAN system is a universal robotized inspection machine for ultrasonic testing of free-form components capable of rapid capturing, visualization and evaluation of free-forming metallic or composite components with water-gap or immersion coupling.

The most effective ultrasonic testing of geometrically complex parts by TFM technology is accomplished by combination of 3D tomographic reconstruction and robot-based scanning the test objects. Quick and precise generation of scan-plans for free-form objects along with the real-time capturing and visualization of inspection volume allow flexible design and individual implementation of customized inspection solutions for industrial and educational purposes.

The system specification includes following functionality and modules:

  • Fully automated robot-based inspection procedure based on CAD model of the inspection object
  • Real-time 3D visualization of inspection volume
  • Automated evaluation of inspection results

As well as

  • Phased Array unit with up to 128 channels
  • Manipulator system with 6 axis articulated robot by KUKA+ up to 2 linear gantries
  • Customized immersion tank with water management system
  • User friendly spatial calibration system

The ROBOSCAN system solutions are successfully used for industrial UT of following components:

  • Large complex shape casting components of wind energy
  • CFRP components of aircraft and automobile industry;
  • bimetallic joints of complex first-wall components of the fusion reactor ITER;
  • complex shape aluminum casting components;
  • complex-shape gear wheels
  • casting cylinder liners

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