Automated UT machine for flat components

High-resolution ultrasonic imaging in pulse-echo immersion technique

The quality testing of bimetallic joints after diffusion welding for bonding defects or structural analysis of casting slabs for small material defects like liquations and inclusions is alike scanning acoustic microscopy in industrial applications.

The FLATSCAN machine is a robust and reliable solution for fast multichannel scanning of flat parts with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional imaging and automated evaluation of the inspection results according to customer acceptance criteria.

The FLATSCAN system is a customized inspection machine for ultrasonic testing of flat metallic / bimetallic or CFRP / graphitic components.

The applied high-frequency focused transducers implement high-resolution imaging and quantitative evaluation of the ultrasonic inspection results.

The system specification includes following functionality and modules:

  • Automated data acquisition in two spatial dimensions
  • Optional motor-driven Z-axis for automatic adjustment on the component wall thickness
  • High-resolution immersion transducers for sharp imaging of the inspection volume
  • Integrated motion control for testing with adjustable spatial resolution
  • Integrated water management system
  • Flexible programming of the collective parts with variable dimensions
  • 2D and 3D imaging of the inspection volume
  • Automated evaluation of the inspection results

The FLATSCAN system solution is dedicated for semi-automatic in-line and off-line testing of following components:

  • Bimetallic diffusion joint weldings
  • Graphitic and light weight composite components
  • Cast steel products

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