Air coupled UT machine for CFRP tapes

Process integrated UT of composite tapes

The quality testing of tapes made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics during the production is a challenging task due to high requirements to the inspection speed and lack of acceptance criterias for the quality evaluation.

The TAPESCAN system implements the novel system design based on extremely fast linear gantries in combination with innovative measurement technique utilizing focused air-coupled ultrasonic transducers. Real-time tape imaging with automated UT result evaluation provides fast and reliable process integrated quality test of composite tapes.

The TAPESCAN system is a customized inspection machine for ultrasonic testing of the CFRP tapes in production with automatic evaluation of the inspection results.

Due to use of extremely fast linear gantries with magnetic drive the inspection setup achieves extraordinary scanning speed and provides required on-line testing throughput in the manufacturing process.

The applied high-frequency air-coupled transducers implement high-resolution imaging and quantitative evaluation of the ultrasonic inspection results.

The system specification includes following functionality and modules:

  • Air-coupled through-transmission ultrasonic testing for integration in production process
  • Fully automated ultra-fast linear gentry providing the feed speed of the roll up to 50 mm / sec (depending on spatial resolution)
  • Operating frequencies of the applied transducers suitable for the tape properties: 100 KHz, 250 KHz, 400 KHz, 500 KHz
  • Flexible synchronization with the available feeding automation

The TAPESCAN system solutions is dedicated for in-line testing of following components:

  • CFRP tapes;
  • Thin foils
  • Wood plates
  • Thin sheet metal and bi-metallic bondings

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