To set up automated ultrasonic testing systems and facilities, we offer high quality single components such as multichannel / phased array electronics and a software platform with extensive functionality for mechanized and automated testing applications.


Make your testing systems state-of-the-art!

Testing software „IDeal Studio“


Modular software platform for real-time acquisition of ultrasound data; processing, visualization, and analysis of ultrasound testing results; and SQL-based data

management and storage. 

This software allows rapid integration of any ultrasonic hardware modules and has been developed using advanced software technologies. The special benefits of the software are its scalability and exceptionally fast three-dimensional visualization of ultrasound testing results, along with the ability to perform automatic analysis in accordance with applicable standards and testing regulations.

Ultrasonic testing electronics „IDeal Kit“


Universal multi-channel ultrasound electronics for conventional and phased array applications, designed and built especially for use in demanding automated ultrasonic testing systems.Its modular design and use of the latest electronic

components allow a very widerange of inspection systems to be covered, from simple mechanized ultrasonic applications with few ultrasound channels to complex testing systems with a large number of channels and with modern phased array technology.

IDeal Viewer 2D and 3D visualization software


Our universal visualization software performs efficient and sophisticated analysis of the results of automated and mechanized ultrasonic testing, which can be gathered both conventionally and according to the Sampling Phased Array principle.  In addition to the conventional two-dimensional display, this visualization tool offers the ability to display images in three dimensions. Besides excellent quality in the presentation and

evaluationof ultrasound displays, this software also ensures fast analysis of test results. Other benefits are a user-friendly interface and intuitive analysis tools.

Detailed information about "IDeal Viewer" you can find at:

IDeal Module