Our experts are specialized in a broad range of industrial applications. Our products and services therefore offer significant added value for the following industries:

ofthe aircraft.Only then can the company increase its competitiveness in the international market. Quality testing of materials therefore plays the key role.

I-Deal Technologies employs the latest scientific developments in ultrasonic testing and offers customers quick testing solutions for lightweight components (CFCs, thermoplastic) with 3-D imaging and automatic image analysis. This allows significantly better error detection at fast test speeds, and thus offers substantial cost advantages.


The current trend in the modern aerospace industry is the incorporation of new, lighter materials that considerably reduce the weight of aircraft. The biggest challenge is in ensuring the highest quality standards and in further increasing safety. However, this cannot compromise the long-term operating efficiency


An aging infrastructure and the increasing construction of new pipelines characterize the rapidly growing market for service providers offering in-line inspections. Industry-specific problems such as mechanical damage to insulation, the appearance of corrosion, and the development of cracks due to corrosion

and operational stresses often lead to accidents with serious economic and environmental consequences. These can be avoided with high-quality testing. The time savings, cost-efficiency, and improved error detection thus create a significant competitive advantage.

I-Deal Technologies’ weld testing systems, based on state-of-the-art Sampling Phased Array technology, can monitor pipeline condition in the shortest time. Even the smallest defects are identified and measured, as well as represented visually – in multidimensional format. If necessary, I-Deal Technologies specialists will personally conduct an onsite evaluation.

properties (e.g. yield strength) and microscopic purity. The time factor also plays an increasingly important role.

I-Deal Technologies offers customers mechanized and automated testing solutions for massive steel and casting products with automatic evaluation of test results. The ability to display errors in multiple dimensions is setting new quality standards.


Strong international competition demands that the European steel industry make increased efforts to improve the quality of its products. Alongside the detection of macroscopic material failure, NDT plays an increasing role in the metal production industry in the online monitoring of quality parameters such as mechanical


Analysis test systems for highly stressed components with 2D and 3D visualization of the component volume using sampling phased array technology.


Analysis testing services and inspection systems with quantitative evaluation of testing results.